Movement Therapy, also known as Dance Movement Therapy, Movement Psychotherapy or Dance Movement Psychotherapy is a specialist form of Psychotherapy, which uses movement and dance to inform the therapeutic process.

• Movement Therapists are trained in movement analysis; so are able to help Clients to clarify in words that which occurred in movement.

Each Client will relate to the moving experience in their own unique way; this will be encouraged by the Therapist.

• "Whilst attending Jo's Creative Movement Class I have always found her very supportive both to me as an individual but also to the group as a whole. She creates a warm, welcoming environment in which everyone is valued. Each person is encouraged to reflect and express their own feelings through dance, yet she still manages to keep the integrity of the group safe and intact. Her choice of music somehow always seems right for the whole group but yet each person invariably gets something out of it. 

Some weeks it may be an effort to go to the class but I always leave feeling nourished in body, mind and spirit. 

I feel very blessed to have such a good teacher." - Ann

• Clients are guided by the Therapist to use Dance and Movement as a means of expressing the self. The Therapist will work with Clients towards an authentic expression of Movement and Dance.

• In a Movement Therapy session there is generally a part of the session devoted to deepening the moving experience in words.

Further Information...

For more information please contact Joanne Drew on: 07551 361593 or email [email protected]

The ADMT UK website contains more information about Dance Movement Psychotherapy, including training information and reading materials;